CE Accreditation Services Offered

The Institute’s CE Accreditation Service provides an impartial third-party review and approval process for CE programs developed for financial advisors and planners. CE programs are accredited when they have:

  1. Met a clear standard of educational quality
  2. Been reviewed against practice guidelines
  3. Been shown to be relevant to today’s financial advisors and planners

Decision Reports

After reviews are complete, decision reports are issued to education providers detailing the specific competencies that have been confirmed. The report assures education providers that Institute-accredited CE will have iron-clad defensibility in the eyes of regulators and designation-granting bodies. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec have specific CE requirements for those individuals licensed to sell insurance within their jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of those licensed in those provinces to ensure that any completed CE meets their requirements.


  • Helping financial advisors and planners document how they have met their CE requirements.
  • Helping education providers by providing an impartial third-party review and report.
  • Helping regulators and designation granting bodies have confidence in the quality of accredited CE programs.

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The Institute wishes to thank the following individuals who, as members of The Institute’s Independent Advisory Council, provided guidance and direction in developing The Institute’s evaluation process:

Sam Albanese – CFS at Seneca College
Reg Bonfoco – TD Bank Financial Group
Ron Fullan – Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan
Gerry Matier – British Columbia Insurance Council
Mike Steele – Manulife
Frank R. Tooton – Chartered Financial Analyst