Integrity Matters

Whistleblower Line

For matters of a serious nature relating to the activity of any Advocis/ The Institute staff member, we encourage you to use the Institute’s whistleblower line. This line is fully confidential and operated by an organization independent of Advocis/ The Institute. For issues relating to the business conduct of Institute designation holder please see the Complaints section below. 

A link to the Whistleblower Line is provided at the top of the site.


Institute designation holders those displaying a CLU, PFA, CH.F.C. or CHS designation must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and abide by a strict Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) that is enforced by the Institute on behalf of the public and regulatory bodies. The Institute’s CPC sets out a list of principles that a designation holder is expected to follow in their business activities, and in their relationships between clients, suppliers of insurance and or financial products and services.

Any member of the public, an Institute designation holder or client, or any other interested party can submit a complaint related to the professional conduct and or quality of the services provided by any member of the Institute. 

NoteA listing of all Institute designation holders can be found here. 

Submitting a Complaint

Please use the button to access the online complaint form. 

Once submitted, an Institute staff member will confirm receipt and keep you and the designation holder you have named informed of the investigation’s progress and any resulting outcomes. 

Please note that as part of the investigation process, details of the complaint will be shared with any and all appropriate governing bodies, including other designation granting organizations with which The Institute has a business relationship with.

The typical steps and outcomes taken as part of an investigation are governed by the Institute’s Disciplinary Procedure, a condensed version can be found below

Complaint Inquiries

Please contact the Institute Registrar for general process inquires or to withdraw a complaint: Ian Campbell, Registrar –

Condensed Advocis/ The Institute™ Disciplinary Procedure

Note: This is a condensed version, please see the Disciplinary Procedure for full details.

The Institute’s Disciplinary Procedure is intended to guide how The Institute administers the conduct of its designation holders. It sets out a formal disciplinary process to follow, and defines possible actions, outcomes, and recourses for those involved in an investigation. 

Please note that this process is intended solely for dealing with client-initiated designation holder complaints. For all other issues, including those relating to the operations and staff of Advocis and or The Institute please use the Whistleblower Line.

Use the Complaint link and fill in the online RFI form. Once submitted, your case will be assigned a case number, you will receive an email confirming submission, and the formal review and investigation process will begin.

Q: What about Withdrawing a complaint – this is not covered in our policy

See Rule #1 within the Disciplinary Procedure

When a case is opened, an initial review of the facts is conducted by Institute™™ staff to determine if the allegations are a valid breach of the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) or are deemed frivolous or vexatious. All findings and resulting next steps will be communicated to you and the named member by email.

If the review identifies a valid breach of the CPC, the case can be sent for dispute resolution or escalated to the Institute’s Ethics Committee, which may conduct a formal hearing and or issue its own recommendations.

Key timelines:

  • Receipt of RFI sent to you within ten (10) days.
  • Notice sent to named member with fourteen (14) days.

See Rule #2 within the Disciplinary Procedure

Depending on the initial investigation findings and or the recommendations of the Ethics Committee, one or more of the following actions may be initiated:

  • DISMISSAL OF RFI – If the RFI is deemed frivolous or vexatious by the Institute’s staff a notice is sent to both you and the named member indicating the RFI has been dismissed. No further action is taken.
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION – If the RFI results in a recommendation for Dispute Resolution, then the matter is sent to the Professional Conduct Chair of the Advocis Chapter to which the Member. belongs. A facilitator is appointed by the Chair and within 30 days the dispute resolution process is started.  The resolution process is treated as private and confidential. During the process the Facilitator will attempt to help the parties to reach a satisfactory resolution of their dispute but has no authority to impose a settlement on the parties. A successful resolution will result in a written and signed settlement agreement. If this cannot be reached after 30 days, then Institute staff will forward the matter for a hearing before a Hearing Panel.

See Rule #3 within the Disciplinary Procedure

  • HEARING – The Hearing Panel shall conduct a hearing to consider the merits of the RFI. A date and location for the hearing shall be set by the Hearing Panel. You and the named Member shall be given at least fourteen (14) days’ notice and may attend with legal representation.

If the Hearing Panel decides that the conduct of the named Member has breached the CPC, the Hearing Panel shall also determine the appropriate sanctions to be imposed on the named Member. A written report of its decision will be provided and put on file with the National Office of The Institute™. You and the named Member will be provided with a copy of the decision.

See Rule #4 within the Disciplinary Procedure

Where instructed, and as a result of a completed RFI process, any or all the following sanctions may be imposed and made public by the Institute™: Public Censure, Education Requirements, Suspension of or Expulsion from Membership, Report to Regulatory Authorities, Hearing Costs, Additional Monetary Fine(s), Report to Other People (Employer, MGA owner, etc.)

See Rule #5 within the Disciplinary Procedure

You and the named Member have the right to appeal the decision of a Hearing Panel. A notice of appeal must be made in writing and must be filed at The Institute™ no later than fifteen (15) days after the date on which the Hearing Panel’s decision has been delivered to the person filing the appeal.

See Rule #6 within the Disciplinary Procedure