Disciplinary Process

Request for Investigation (RFI) Standard Form

Anyone may file a Request for Investigation (RFI) against an Institute designation holder. A submission (in writing) must be received in order to initiate The Institute’s disciplinary procedures. In order to file an RFI, one must complete the standard RFI form or submit a formal letter outlining the dispute or matter at hand. Download RFI Form.

The Institute Disciplinary Procedures

An important function for The Institute is the self-disciplinary role necessary to ensure an Institute designation holder conducts him or herself in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct. The Institute has written procedures in place that are followed when a member’s professional conduct is in question. The Institute’s disciplinary procedures are based on a peer review system, carried out by designation holders in good standing with The Institute. The disciplinary procedures are in place to provide a consistent and transparent process for determining the facts and imposing sanctions for conduct that is found to be unbecoming of the Code of Professional Conduct.

Download Disciplinary Procedures document.