Trademark Infraction

The procedures outlined here are applicable to the unauthorized use of any or all Institute designation trademarks. The purpose and application of this policy is to maintain the distinctiveness of all Institute designations trademarks by ensuring that unauthorized use of any Institute designation is stopped.

Infraction Criteria

The criteria for trademark infraction is as follows:

  • An individual is not a current CLU and/or CHS designate in good standing with The Institute, but maintains their public profile as such.
  • An individual is not in good standing, within the following situations, but is not limited to:
    • is outstanding in annual dues to The Institute
    • has voluntarily cancelled their designation
    • has been suspended or expelled from The Institute
    • is a former Institute designate whose designation has lapsed for one year or more

Public Notices of Trademark Infraction

The Institute reserves the right to publish public notice of any or all infractions of the Trademark Policy for the prime purpose of protecting the public. The term “public” refers to:

  • clients
  • advisors
  • regulators
  • companies within the financial services industry (i.e. insurance companies)
  • an advisor’s MGA
  • other bodies as identified by The Institute

Online Trademark Infraction Reporting System

Notice of unauthorized usage of an Institute designation can be provided to The Institute national office by mail, fax or online submission. In order for The Institute to fully enforce its trademarks, a reporting system is available to anyone to report Trademark Policy infractions. This process allows for the submission of such information to The Institute while maintaining the anonymity of the individual filing the report. The Institute is committed to providing fair notice to the public and the industry that these policies and processes exist and are actively enforced.

Fax or Mail your Report

A paper based Reporting form is available. Simply print this form and return the completed form to The Institute. Download Trademark Infraction Reporting form.

Online Submission

An online submission form is available through The Institute website, which serves as an electronic reporting mechanism allowing anyone to report an infraction of the Trademark Policy discreetly and anonymously.

The individual reporting the infraction is required to complete an online submission form to provide information that they have available surrounding the infraction. The submission received by The Institute will not disclose the identity, name or e-mail address of the individual reporting the infraction.

Check for CLU or CHS designation holders in good standing

Members of the public can verify if a CLU or CHS designation holder is in good standing with The Institute by searching on The Institute Public Registry.