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    Confidential Online Reporting System
    This Online Reporting System is in place to allow individuals to report to the Institute the unauthorized use of Institute Designation marks by former Institute Designation holders who are no longer in good standing with the Institute. Those former Institute designation holders who have not maintained their designations with the Institute are no longer authorized to promote themselves publicly as having an Institute Designation.

    Documentation must be submitted in order to complete your submission. Please ensure you attach a copy of the alleged unauthorized use of an Institute Designation mark.

    Privacy, Security and Delivery Policy
    The Institute makes its best effort to provide a complete technological system which is secure and maintains the anonymity of the source of information which is submitted online through the Trademark Infraction Online Reporting System. No indentifying information is recorded through this online application. The Institute has taken steps to ensure that the process is secure and encrypted using the best available technological methods.

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