Ongoing Designation Requirements

The CLU designation must be renewed annually with The Institute. Ongoing maintenance requirements include payment of an annual designation licensing fee, completion of an annual continuing education (CE) requirement, and adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct. CLU designation holders who fail to renew their CLU designation or fail to meet ongoing requirements on an annual basis will lose their rights to publicly promote themselves as having the CLU and will have the designation revoked.

For CLU designation candidates who are applying for the CLU for the first time, please complete the following three forms:

For current CLU designation holder’s who are renewing their CLU designation, please complete the CLU Designation Holder’s Agreement.

CE Requirement for the CLU designation

A minimum of 30 continuing education (CE) credits each calendar year, two credits of which must be from a recognized Ethics program. A minimum of 15 CE credits must be accredited by The Institute; a maximum of 15 CE credits can be professional development. General Professional Development CE credits must be industry-related (courses, seminars, etc.), and may be subject to The Institute’s review. Any deficiency in one year must be made up by the end of the next calendar year, in addition to the full year’s necessary requirement of CE credits. The annual licensing fee for the CLU designation for 2023 has been set at $405.

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