The Institute Public Registry

Search CLU and CHS designees who are in good standing with The Institute.

Who can I search for?

You can search for anyone who has been authorized to use the CLU and/or CHS designations.

What information is available?

The Institute’s Public Registry lists everyone who is currently authorized to use the CLU and/or CHS designations in Canada. Each record will include an individual’s Institute designations, provided they are in good standing with The Institute.

Looking for CLU or CHS

Why is this information accessible to the public?

The CLU and CHS designations must be maintained on an annual basis with The Institute. Annual maintenance requirements for the CLU and CHS designations include an annual continuing education (CE) requirement, adherence to The Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), and payment of an annual designation licensing fee. Individuals who fail to maintain their designation(s) with The Institute are no longer Institute designation holders. Continued use of the CLU and/or CHS designation marks by an individuals who are no longer authorized by The Institute to use the said designation(s) constitutes trademark infraction and could be subject to have legal ramifications.