Overview and Instructions

Institute designation holders must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, and abide by a strict Code of Professional Conduct. Allegations of unprofessional conduct are investigated using a disciplinary process based on peer-review principles. We take the enforcement of our Code of Professional Conduct very seriously. When someone alleges that an Institute designation holder has violated the Code Of Professional Conduct, we have a formalized disciplinary process in place to investigate such allegations.

To report an alleged Code violation and to initiate the disciplinary process please click the "Next" button to complete a digital form. The Institute will also accept a written submission that addresses all questions listed on the digital form.

Please provide all information requested within the digital form and click the "Signature & Submit" button. This digital form should be completed by the initiator of this Request For Investigation (RFI).

Initiator Contact Information

Additional Information

If yes, please provide the following:

Note: If you are a third party to this matter, client authorization must be obtained in writing and submitted to Advocis and The Institute regarding the disclosure of pertinent client information as it relates to the allegations described within this RFI. If written authorization from the client is not apparent at the time the RFI is submitted, Advocis and The Institute will pursue written authorization from the client prior to any further steps within the disciplinary process taking place.

Where the initiator in an RFI is the client in the matter, written authorization is not required. Submission of an RFI with Advocis and The Institute is considered consensus.

Allegations of Unprofessional Conduct

Evidence or Other Documentation Supporting the Allegations


• I hereby submit this RFI with the purpose of initiating the Advocis/Institute Disciplinary Procedures.

• I hereby attest that the information provided herein is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

• I understand that should Advocis/Institute proceed with my RFI, I will be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement.

• I understand that I am restricted in discussing or disclosing any disciplinary procedures, actions or outcome of an Advocis/Institute investigation.

• I understand that my failure to enter into a confidentiality agreement shall bring the Advocis/Institute disciplinary process to a halt and no further action or steps shall be taken.

• I hereby understand that the Advocis/Institute disciplinary process is separate and distinct from any other process and that the Association’s written procedures shall be followed and will take all precedence in steps taken.

• I understand that a copy of this RFI shall be provided to the Advocis member and/or Institute designation holder who is identified within this form as the subject of this RFI.

• I understand that by selecting the "Signature & Submit" button below that I am signing and dating the complaint submission form for investigation.

Note: The identity of the initiator of a Request For Investigation shall be made known to any Advocis member and/or Institute designation holder who is the subject of a Request or Investigation. Advocis/Institute will not entertain anonymous requests. Should Advocis/Institute receive any anonymous RFIs or written complaints, the disciplinary process will not be initiated and no further action will occur.

Privacy Statement

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